Yes changing the travel dates is possible and there is just a simple process but it needs a confirmation on the kind of booking you have made. If yours is a non-refundable ticket or a date-specific offer ticket than you may not be able to do so! Other tickets are flexible with dates which shall be done after charging a fee from you.
Changing a name on the ticket is not permitted by law. If you have misspelled you name on the ticket than you might still be able to carry on with the journey provided you give the necessary confirmations with the help of complete identification details. But if the name has to be changed, then there is an option to cancel the ticket and repurchase a replacement.
If you have a connected booking with respect to your tickets for your journey, then you may not be allowed to fly on the subsequent ticket without taking the journey of the first tickets. But if you have separate ticket numbers for your journey back and forth then you can avail the use of only one ticket as they are independent tickets.
Changing or cancellation of your trip is possible by connecting with our customer support service desk which are ready to help you 24*7 and can be reached at help@binmoosatravel.com or on the number mentioned on the website. However, it should be known that you cancel or change your trip at least 48 hours prior to the time of travel. If there is delay in doing so, connecting to the airlines or hotel management might work.
The option to feed in the frequent flyer card number into the booking comes at the time of confirming the booking and purchasing the trip. However if one is facing problems in making use of their frequent flyer card number than they may contact the customer support executives by sending them an email at help@binmoosatravel.com or through the help of travel experts available on the toll free numbers. The privileges and awards entitled to frequent flyer card is depending a lot on the trip and terms of the card used.
All refunds are subject to a check at first and intimation to the user of the time of refund. However the general guideline followed for refund is a period of 15 days after the refund amount and confirmation is provided. It may take about 15 extra days after the refund initiation for the amount to reflect on the User’s bank statement.
Change and cancellation rules are service provider specific and hence you may be able to read the charges on our User Agreement. However, the change and cancellation charges are reflected on individual bookings by way of receipts which are provided to the User after making the payment for the trip.
All refunds are initiated after the User is provided with a Refund acknowledgement and confirmation which ensures the transaction confirmation. Following the acknowledgement the refund is initiated within 15 days and may take up to 30 days to reflect the amount on the User’s bank statement. However if the following stating have not been complied with, the User can produce the refund acknowledgement to the help desk and make a complaint, which shall be heard and action will be taken towards it! You can drop a mail at help@binmoosatravel.com


No! Flight tickets are subject to price variations which occur as fast as in seconds. The flight ticket can only be purchased when the user makes the complete payment for it. However, if you are registered user with bank details of selected banking partners, then you are free to avail special services which allow the user to purchase flight tickets by making payment in installments. Call our travel experts to know more!
Passport details are a security measure taken by certain airlines and countries which require special security adherence or confirmation on the travelers’ part for their journey. However if you do not have a passport, then travelling to those places do not need your passport details. You can skip the passport details section and continue booking your ticket. The user should note here that passport is necessary for places which require proper authentication for travel and even of the user does not provide for passport details on the ticket, they may be required to produce so for the check-in.
You are made to feed in your passport details while booking the ticket itself but if you haven’t and the website asks for it after making the purchase, you may be required to provide so within the next 48 to 72 hours of booking your ticket. However, one must know that flights booked for immediate journey or within the next 48 hours require immediate passport details.
No! A nonstop flight is one which does not make a halt at any airports other than the ones specified in your ticket i.e. it flies from one destination to another in a single take. However a direct flight may halt at intermediate airports before finally reaching to the destination. These halts are on the way to the destination and can sometimes cause the customers to check in and out of the immigration for safety purposes.
Airlines policies require the matching of the first name and the last name that is mentioned in the passport with the first name and the last name which is printed on the final ticket. Airlines partners sometimes o no accept long names or any punctuations which accompany them and so while printing the boarding passes, these spaces and punctuations are removed from the names. However, to make the airline authorities confirm on your mismatch and change the spelling mistake by any manner, or to allow you to take the journey, you should produce valid identity proofs and passport papers for establishing the mistake and allowing them to make you board the flight.
Passport details are necessary for your travel to any of the countries in the world. If one chooses or wishes to not provide the passport information, they are preventing their own security and identification for the purpose of travel. In situations like these you may not be able to book a ticket first, but if you are successful in booking the tickets without passport details, you may be detained from boarding the flight. This also entitles you to non-receipt of any refunds and rights depending upon the terms and conditions of the service provider as well as the rules of the trip.
Group booking facility is available with a variety of airline services and we provide facilities to do so for strength of almost nine passengers at a time. You can enter into multiple transactions for making a booking for a number of passengers exceeding nine or just contact our travel desk executives for making a comprehensive booking. Mail at help@binmoosatravel.com or call at 1234567
A user can make use of certain website features to personalize and get their choice of destinations and booking options. If you want to return from/to a different airport, you can choose the “Multiple Choices” option on the website to choose from almost three options of boarding or landing to your destination. For more information you can mail us at help@binmoosatravel.com or call at 1234567 and a travel desk expert shall get in touch with you.
A code shared flight is one where the tickets for a unique flight of airline partner are sold on a sharing basis by a number of airline partners. You can book the flight by going through the ticketing options of any of your favourite airlines partner and still be on the same flight. For example if a flight numbered 270 of airline ABC is being operated by Airline Z, Airline C And Airline D and your ticket says “Operated by Airline D” then you will have to report at the boarding gate of Airline D.
Premium economy consists of economy travel with some airlines which give superior economy class travel for some of their travelers. These premium economy tickets are available only with some selected airlines and routes and hence mentioned only for the flights and routes they are available for. You will get the information on such when you select your flights, use the filter or if you want to specifically travel through a premium economy than you may want to connect to our help desk at help@binmoosatravel.com
Airline reservation systems do not recognize spaces, punctuation marks and long names and as result of this the machine does not accept the name which has the above features. The airline reservation system indeed cuts off the spaces and punctuation marks present in the names before issuing the ticket to its user. If you have filled in multiple names in your ticket booking such as first name, middle name and surname then it shall now appear as one word in your final ticket. However if your travel requires an association of full name with your tickets than you may provide your full name by clicking the “provide passport details” button in your ticket. This can be done at the time of booking or by sending an email to the airlines almost 48 hours before taking in the journey. Also the changes can be made at the production of passport at the airport along with identification details at the time of obtaining your boarding pass.


Yes! Use of credit or debit cards for the purpose of mailing payments at our website is secured and supported by banking partners who have secure server infrastructure and SSL-secured communication. The security is available at all the pages that is used or opened while making the payment and no financial information is stored during or after making the payment. Each of these pages is security checked and periodically reviewed for quality and control purposes by independent server third-party auditors who ensure the safety of your card details.
No! There is no additional charge levied by the website for paying or making a transaction through the use of a credit card. If any charges are to be made then it is charged by your banking partners upon the usage and limits of your credit card.
A direct flight is a flight which does not change its aircraft at any of the intermediate airports. It’s a straight point to point and city to city flight which may halt at some airports before reaching the final destination but does not require the change of aircrafts by the passengers. Changing aircrafts and terminals is bound to increase the duration of your journey and direct flights are aimed at providing a faster journey without hampering the time of travel. Direct non-stop flights are the ones which provide the least time of travel and the shortest of duration.
An indirect flight is one where the aircraft may experience halts, stop-overs, change of aircrafts, in the intermediate cities involves. These are the longest routed and time consuming flights which is not devised to break the journey planned and shall reach the destination based upon the time and schedule done. The frequent change of aircrafts and terminals will make the customer or passenger puzzled and tired along with the boring journey of almost double or triple the time required.
A stopover is a halt or stop that the flight makes at one or more cities during the trip. It involves a change of aircraft and sometimes terminals. Stopovers can sometimes including checking in to the airport and wait for long hours at the airport at an unknown city before boarding a connecting flight. Generally the duration of a stopover flight is a minimum of 2 hours and as much as longer than 48 hours. For example: There can be a couple of days of stay in Dubai for a connecting flight to LA.
A transit airport is one where the passenger lands for a stopover or break on the journey. The passenger may not be able to change the aircrafts at the transit and certainly not allowed to leave the aircraft because they have a connecting flight to another destination. Transit airports have facilities for the halting passengers to rest, eat and sleep before they take their journey forward. Tickets generally have in them specified the hours of transit and the name of the airport.
When you make a booking through the use of binmoosatravel.com you are entitled to receive all the information that shall confirm and guide your booking and travel. Hence as soon as the payment is made and your booking is confirmed a message shall pop on the window stating “BOOKING CONFIRMED”. Additionally all the details for your booking and rules and terms and conditions related to your booking will be emailed to your designated email address within a few seconds of your booking. A confirmation and a short detail of the booking shall also be sent to your registered mobile phone number.
No! There is no need to confirm on your flight reservation before taking in your journey. If there shall be any change in time or scheduling of your flight the airline authorities will get in touch with you by means of a phone call, message or email to inform you about the same and help you plan your journey accordingly.
Baggage is the most disputed discussion while travelling through airlines. Each airline has their own baggage and limits criteria. Some airlines allow a fixed weight of baggage on the aircraft which is divided into two parts – baggage claim and hand luggage. While other airlines offer the baggage restriction by providing the number of baggage one can carry while travelling. It is better to follow the airline guidelines before packing your bags and note their allowance limits. Some airlines do allow carrying the excess luggage but make you pay for the checked-in luggage at the time of boarding the flight. Cabin luggage is also exposed to weight limits and cannot be carried more than allowed.
Cancelling a flight reservation is as easy as booking it. All you have to do is log on to your account on binmoosatravel.com and go to “My Accounts” and then select “My Bookings”. You will be guided to your ticket details and with options of making changes to it. The link shall pop up as “Cancellations”. Clicking on that will ask you for a double confirmation and the refund or charge details you will be entitled to upon doing so. After confirming on the same your flight reservation shall stand cancelled.
However if you have taken half the journey and making a cancellation on the other journey ahead, you will not be entitled to any refund. Most airlines do charge a minimum amount for recovering their charges and fees of booking and refund the remaining to the passengers which almost takes a month to show up on your bank account.
If you are in need of nay more information on the cancellation of your flight reservation, the minimum amount charged and the fees levied, feel free to get in touch with our travel advisors at our help desk: help@binmoosatravel.com.
Cancellation charges are the charges which are deducted from your amount of ticket or flight reservation before finalizing the refund amount you should be getting. These cancellation charges are the charges which Binmoosatravel.com takes for making the service available to you and the use of the services on the website. Cancellation charges depend on a number of factors: Airlines/Hotels: It is strictly the terms and conditions of the airlines and hotels that decide the amount of cancellation charges to be levied on a booking.
Fare Structure: Fares are a reflection of the cancellation charges too. Cancellation charges are sometimes levied as a percentage on the amount of fares and booking. Hence, higher the fare, higher the cancellation charges!
Time of cancellation: If you cancel your ticket well before the time then you might be levied slightly lesser cancellation charges as compared to the urgent or immediate cancellation which come almost 48 hours before the journey.
To have a good estimate of the fares and the cancellation charges, the user is advised to visit the bookings section by logging on to your binmoosatravel.com account and go to the “My Accounts”. Here you shall find all the relevant details which shall be applicable to your booking and flight reservations.
The latest one can cancel the flight booking is when the booking is made or one comes to know of their cancellation. It is safe to cancel one’s flight almost 48 hours prior to the time of departure to save themselves from paying for the journey they won’t take. After 48 hours the system stops taking cancellations and the passenger might be required to contact the airlines help desk to make their cancellation and get their refund if it is allowed under their policy.
Getting the refund for the money after decuting the cancellation charges from your ticket will take place within almost 15 days of getting the flight reservation cancelled. This shall be initiated by the airlines partner through the confirmation provided to the passenger and the money will be credited to the same account the user used for making the booking of that ticket. The user must note that the refund amount shall be less than the booking amount to the effect the cancellation charges are levied and it might take almost a month for the refund to reflect on your bank statement. However, in case of any disputes the refund acknowledgement is legally binding on the airlines for initiating a refund to your account.
Refund calculation, levying of cancellation charges and defining the terms of dispute or cancellation of ticket takes a reasonable time of almost a few days until which it is decided what amount and how the payment has to be made for the respective flight reservation and cancellation. The refund order is initiated within a few days of confirming the refund and henceforth it takes almost 15 more days for the refund to get credited to your account. Refund takes a total of almost a month to get processed.
If there arises a case where the airlines has stopped its operations and henceforth all the tickets have been cancelled. It shall be notified to you and the refund amounts shall be initiated by the airlines itself. However there have been cases of disputes whenever an airline stops operating and hence writing to us shall help. Email the ticket details and the booking ID for binmoosatravel.com to look into the matter and resolve the issue.
binmoosatravel.com gets in touch with the airlines in regard to the tickets booked from their forum to initiate a refund and the refund shall take place after a confirmation is obtained and take almost the usual time or more(if specified by the airlines) to get the refund in your bank account.
Amendment means change and as lawful airlines companies can get, they use amendment as close synonym for change. You can amend you journey almost 48 hours prior to taking the journey. This amendment consists of change of date of travel, change of time of travel or the place or destination of travel. Doing an amendment is an easy step after logging in to the “My Accounts” section of your binmoosatravel.com account. If you shall find any conflict in using the amendment feature or there arises confusion in amending your flight reservation than getting in touch with out travel desk executives might help: help@binmoosatravel.com
Amendments are not free and come with a fee levied on the kind of amendments you choose to make. Amendment fee depends a lot on different airline and their policies and rules. Amendment takes place after you pay the amendment fees which are inclusive of the binmoosatravel.com amendment handling fee levied on the amount of amendment fee charged by your airline partner. binmoosatravel.com also charges the difference in amount of fare charged and extra levied after the amendment is made.
After the amendment is made and you have made all the necessary payments in respect of the amendments made, binmoosatravel.com shall take you to a cooking confirmation window where your amendments shall be shown pending for confirmation. After a confirmation is received you will be notified by way of notification on your account, a mail in your inbox as well as a message at the designated mobile number. However if your amendment is not accepted than your payment will be refunded to you within a few days and your earlier flight details shall stand true!
Yes the user is entitled to cancel their tickets anytime before taking in the journey. However the refunds shall be done according to the policies adopted by airlines in respect of such cancellations. For cancelling your ticket, 48 hours before the journey, binmoosatravel.com shall be a useful help. But if you are cancelling your ticket hours before taking your journey, it is best to contact your airlines partner and get it done with their help.

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